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    Morning Prayer - Every Tuesday @ 7 a.m. (On summer hiatus)

    Men's Group - 2nd & 4th Tues. @ 6:30 p.m.  (On summer hiatus)
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Pastor Mike:   "Work, Patience, Reward"

When I was in high school, I used to do Track and Field and my best track event was the 100 yd. dash. (Yes, before they had the 100 meter dash). I was the fastest on the team... that was until Scott improved. My junior year Scott beat me! I was like, "What?! When did when did pretty good Scott become great Scott?!" I was always the fastest... but now this jerk somehow got faster! To make matters worse he was so humble. Every time he beat me he would reach out his hand and say, "good race man, that was tough". What a jerk.. I wanted to punch him. (He really was a great guy). Coach would tell me what I needed to do, over and above the typical practice, but truth be told... I had too many girls I wanted to date or too many parties I needed to attend. I didn't really want to put the work in to getting to that next level. I just wanted to do the bare minimum and still come out victorious. Thoughts of somehow cheating would come to mind. (Never to the  Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan extreme).

The Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 2:1-7 that if we want the reward we must work hard, be patient, and then receive the medal!

Paul uses the analogy of a soldier, an athlete, and a farmer.

If a soldier (from what I'm told)  wants the hope of surviving and helping his buddies survive battle, they must learn to follow orders and focus their attention on their jobs. They must train and do drills daily, over and over and over again! Needing great patience as they wait for their call to duty. 

A person who enjoys sports doesn't go from a Rec league to the big leagues. It takes a great deal of training - so much work! Very few actually make it to the Olympics or the Major leagues. Only those who are willing to grow their talents with hard work and perseverance will get that medal or ring!

Finally, a farmer cannot simply spread seeds on the ground and expect to grow a great harvest - of anything but weeds! She wakes up early and tends to the fields... and waits.. and waits.. and tends.. and waits. Finally after months of hard work and patience, the crops are ready to harvest. Quickly she works more to reaps the rewards of her efforts. 

As followers of Christ, we have the choice to  either stay in the "rec league" of our faith or step out and do great things for God and for our neighbors. So wherever we find ourselves in our faith journey... just be reminded that if we work hard at loving, and patiently (You know how hard that is!) wait for God to make our love grow and blossom, we will receive an amazing harvest! 

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